Hiring a Skip Bin During Coronavirus Self Isolation

skip bin hire in the corona virus period

Hiring a Skip Bin During Coronavirus Self Isolation

Are You Bored At Home?

Are your at home because of the coronavirus and have very little to do? As we know in these unprecedented times sometimes we are better off in the safety of our homes.

Now is the best time to keep busy, after all most of us do not have to many social plans right? There is no better time or way to pass the time to hire in a skip bin and complete all those jobs and clean up around your home.

Central Coast Skips provides a dedicated waste removal service across the Central Coast delivering skip bins to householders and businesses. We thought this would be a practical time to share some of the benefits and uses of skip bin hire around the home. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your home to order a skip bin, you can simply order online and we’ll come to you. A perfect service for those isolated in these times

skip bins for the home clean up

Bored at home? Order in a skip bin and declutter


Garden Maintenance

So you have been stuck in the house and need some fresh air, why not clean up the garden it can be relaxing and therapeutic. Now is the time to get stuck into the garden and give it a makeover and show it some tlc and spend some time outdoors.

You are probably wandering about what you should do with all that waste and your standard wheelie is not large enough.

By hiring in one of our skip bins you can clean up without stress,knowing you have an easy way to dispose of the waste. Please also note that you can hire in a bin specifically for green waste which is cheaper than a mixed waste bin, and also know that you are doing your bit for the environment

skip bins for the garden cleanup

Give the garden a make over


Declutter The House

Clean out all the old, in with new and declutter.. Now this is where a skip bin will come in handy. No excuse about having no way of getting to the tip or maybe you have to much for a council pickup. If your cleaning up the garage or even the whole house, we have bins of various sizes to help get your clean up done.

 Do you have bulky items, mattresses, old appliances etc..  don’t worry, we have bins with doors that makes loading easy.

You will know your time is well spent and will be worth while in having a clean and clutter free home. A positive point for COVID 19, if you never had time before, you now have free time to get things in order.

And another bonus is you don’t even have to leave the house. You are not only cleaning up the house you have made room for your new online purchases!



With the ongoing coronvairus situation we all know we are all best at home. However we do understand at time this can become tiresome and boring! So it is best to stay busy, which is why now is the perfect time to hire a skip bin.

Stay busy during your time at home, get the garden maintained and declutter, maybe get some DIY home renovations done.

To hire a skip bin on the Central Coast simply call Central Coast Skips on 43424729 or simply complete our online booking form. It is that easy!


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