How To Dispose Of Your Paint Responsibly

how to dispose of paint responsibly

How To Dispose Of Your Paint Responsibly

How to  dispose of your paint responsibly? Everyone has to paint their house at some time and their is always left over paint stored in the garage or the back of the shed. You have half used cans of paint that you have kept knowing that you will never use again. You may have kept the paint cans for touch up and now realise the paint has now gone off and is past its use by date. The question is what are you going to do with all the left over paints that have dried out or that are still ok to use? Lets have a look at some ideas.

Give It Away

Most paint manufactured for use on your walls is made so that it is safe to use, but pouring it down the drain will cause an environmental problem and may cause blockages.
The best option would be best to fine of someone can use it, there is always someone doing that DIY Project, so why not check with family and friends if they need some paint. You can get rid of the cans and they get some free paint , it’s a win for all.
Using up leftover paint is important as it can reduce waste and as we all know paint can’t be sent to landfill as liquid wastes are not allowed and can be only disposed of at local council designated areas on chemical clean up days, so reuse or recycling are really the only options.. Lets look at the options of what you can do with your left over paint.

Use It as Primer

Why waste your hard earned dollars on primer for your next painting job, by using some of the left over paint stored in the shed use some of the lighter colours as primer or add some white to lighten then colour.

Update Your Furniture

Depending on the paint type, your could spruce up some the old furniture giving it a new lease on life, paint some garden pots add some colour to your garden and create a design that complements your home and/or garden

Disposing of Excess Paint

We all know you cannot just pour paint in the drains and you can’t place your old paint cans in the bin either.  Liquid wastes are not allowed to be taken to landfill and is not accepted at most council landfill sites. All paints need to be dried out or hardened before it can be taken to landfill.
So how can you harden old paints? Simply by adding some sawdust, soil or sand to the cans and leave them to solidify. For small amounts you may consider pouring the paint on cardboard and leaving them to dry before including it with your household waste.

How to dispose of unwanted Liquid paints

Contact your local Council to find out when they will be holding their next household chemical collection day.

Now that you have your chemicals sorted you may find that you have other wastes to go. Now’s the time to organise a skip bin for your clean up. We have bins in a range of sizes to cover all wastes types and amounts. 



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