Illegal Waste Dumping How it affects You

illegal waste dumping how it affects you

Illegal Waste Dumping How it affects You

Most waste is relatively easy to get rid of, with councils offering comprehensive collection services for rubbish and by hiring in your local skip bin hire company.

Although services can vary from council to council, everyone benefits from free collection, so why abuse what works. But what happens when the amount of rubbish you have far exceeds your amount of allocated pickups or if you have materials that can’t be collected with your kerbside collection .

Most individuals understand that it’s their responsibility to dispose of the rubbish in a moral and ethical manner, either by hiring a skip, or taking it to a recycling yard or local council waste facility. For lots of larger items or builders waste, you could hire in your local skip bin hire company to get rid of it cleanly, efficiently and quickly. Most skip bin hire companies offer cheaper pricing for recyclable products .

Unfortunately there are always those odd few who are too lazy and inconsiderate to do the right thing, instead opting for the illegal dumping or mistreating the kerb side collection system, by adding uncollectable’ s or dangerous items to others kerb side pickups.

What Is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal Dumping is the practice of dumping waste illegally.

Rather than using skips or waste disposal companies, illegal dumpers simply dump their rubbish in a place where they hope they won’t be caught. This might be in a local park, on the street, road side and bushland

You can imagine the effects on our environment.

Depending on the type of rubbish and waste which is being dumped, there could be all kinds of harmful substances and materials which shouldn’t be out in the public and should be disposed of correctly and on council chemical clean up days for example hazardous materials, like paint etc.. Dumping of asbestos should also be disposed of correctly at a local waste facility or by using a licensed asbestos removalist.

And of course it’s not just the environment that suffers have you thought about the wildlife and the rubbish that ends up in our waterways also affecting marine life. Dumping of waste affects the environment on so many levels.

Illegal dumping isn’t just an eyesore, it can actually present a very real danger to human health too!

The Costs

The expense of having to clean up dumped waste can be expensive. So who pays for it? You the taxpayer! Illegal dumping can put pressure on the budget to assist in cleaning up illegally dumped waste. Money wasted on cleaning up illegally dumped waste could be put to better use within your local area.


There are so many easy waste disposal options to get rid of rubbish, there’s never any excuse for illegal dumping, There are laws relating to illegal dumping along with hefty penalties.

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