Keeping Your construction site clean

Keeping your construction site clean central coast skips

Keeping Your construction site clean

Keeping your construction site clean is very important, we all know when renovating or building that your are going to generate waste no matter the size of the project from the home renovation to large commercial projects. Keep your waste under control is by affordable skip bin hire with Central Coast Skips . Here are some ways to keep your site clean and tidy.

Tips to Keep Your Worksite Clean

When starting you build or renovation it is best to plan ahead to ensure your worksite is kept clean and as waste free as possible. We have a few tips below to get you started.

  • Organise your rubbish removal serviceBefore you start be sure to organise your rubbish removal service, so that waste can be removed of in the proper way. At central Coast Skips we have been removing waste for quite a few years so we know a thing or two about collecting and disposing of waste. Call us if you need a quote or send us an email and we will reply with your quote.
  • Recycling Your Waste When you start identify what can be recycled. Hiring in a bin for recyclable products can save you dollars. Can any of the materials be repurposed? As your are dealing with construction waste your have a duty of care to ensure it is disposed of properly. Recycling where possible is environmentally friendly
  • Sorting Your WasteWhen you have established what can be recycled and what cannot place your waste in the appropriate skip bins, Remember you cannot place mixed waste in a bin hired for 100% recyclables e.g concrete/brick waste. Not are you only keeping your works site clean, saving yourself a few dollars and preventing all waste going to landfill,
  • Arrange a date for your bin to be collectedWhen you hire a skip bin ,be sure to check when it is due for collection, most bin hire periods are 7 day periods, should you need the bin longer be sure to check with you bin hire provider that it can be left longer, or if you need the bin removed sooner be sure to organise a suitable date for collection to keep your work site running smoothly.
  • Final Site CleanupOnce you have organised for the bin to be collected and the trades have completed the works, look around for any waste they have been left unnoticed, making sure you are making the most of your skip bin hire.


Benefits of A Clean Work Site

  • A Clean work site promotes safety
  • Smooth Work Flow
  • Segregation of wastes can help to identify recyclables

Reliable Affordable Skip Bin Hire With Central Coast Skips

Central Coast Skips has been providing a cost effective and reliable waste removal service for many years across the Central Coast of NSW. Buy hiring your bin with us you have piece of mind knowing your work site is clean and running smoothly and most importantly within your budget and that your waste is disposed of in a responsible, environmentally friendly and legal way.


Keep your construction site clean by calling us at Central Coast Skips on 43424729 or pop over and send us an email. We are ready and willing to assist!


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