Mattress Disposal and The Costs

Mattress disposal the costs and recycling

Mattress Disposal and The Costs

A question we are quiet often asked is why it costs so much to dispose of mattresses. Have you ever wandered about mattress disposal costs? The reason is that is still a challenge for the product to be recycled and the cost for processing and recycling can be high.


Mattress Recycling And Why It Matters

With hundreds of thousands of mattresses being to sent to landfill every year the need for mattress recycling is great. The valuable part of the mattress is the steel springs. Separating the springs from the mattress can be labour intensive and with varying scrap metal prices it can be challenge for the recycler to keep with costs involved.

If your considering purchasing a new mattress it may be worth your while to ask the store from where you are purchasing you new one if at all they will take your old mattress. Some stores when they have enough mattresses have a mattress recycler collect them for recycling, so be sure to check with your retailer to see if they partner with any mattress recyclers.

It is good to remember there is good resources  contained within mattresses that can be recovered.

Below is a list on how some mattress materials can be recycled.

  • Springs and Coils can be recycled
  • Foams can be recycled and used again in carpet padding and more
  • Fabrics can be recycled for furnishing upholstery
  • Wood can be mulched and chipped


We all like to recycle where possible, dumping has its affects on the environment and your pocket. Whilst sending your mattress to landfill may be correct and a responsible way it is good to remember that are not compactible, they can be flammable not to mention the space they take up in your local landfill site.

Mattress Disposal Cost at Landfill

Have you been to the tip lately? Well if you have, you will have found that you would have been charged separately for the mattress. 

Mattresses consume a large amount of space at landfill and are hard to compact and need to be transported so they can be recycled making disposing of mattresses costly.

Disposing of Your Mattress Free

Depending on where you live some councils allow you to leave your old mattresses out for collection on your organised clean up days, but like anything be sure to check with your local council when booking your kerbside collection. Alternately should you be hiring in a skip bin be sure to check they accept mattresses or for any additional fees that may apply.

Do We Take Mattresses?

Yes we do, but additional fees apply to mattresses placed in our bins as they attract additional charges at landfill

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