What Size Skip Bin Do I Need?

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What Size Skip Bin Do I Need?

Are you in need of a skip bin? We deliver skips Central Coast Wide. Are you unsure of the skip bin size you need? We can help you work it out,
We are regularly asked “What size skip bin should I order?

Choosing the right size skip bin for your job is essential if you want to get the best value out of you skip bin hire.

Central Coast Skips has skip bins that can be hired in 2 3 4 6 8 and 14 cubic metres, depending on the type and the amount of waste you have to be removed.

2 cubic metre is approximately 2 standard box trailer loads. To estimate the bins size you need have a look at the our guide

Size Matters

How do you calculate a cubic metre? Multiply length x width x height. Easy! Please also see our easy to use bin size guide.

Remember that our skip bins can’t be overloaded, that is, they can’t be filled above the rim. If you manage to fill your bin and have extra rubbish you need to dispose you will need to arrange for a changeover of your existing full skip with an empty bin of a size of your choosing, that’s why using our guide will help you chose the appropriate sized skip bin for your job.

It is always recommended to go one size bigger if you are not sure on the bin size you need, mainly because it easy to to under estimate the amount of rubbish you have.  

If you’d like some assistance on choosing the right skip bin size for your job, contact us today at Central Coast Skips or call on 43424729.

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