The DO’s and DO NOt’s Of SKIP BIn HIre

Overloaded skip bins

The DO’s and DO NOt’s Of SKIP BIn HIre


Hiring a skip bin can come in handy for all sorts of projects, from renovating, spring cleaning, moving house, garden clean up  and more..

There are a few things to consider when hiring a skip bin, so it best to be prepared before ordering  your skip bin and having it delivered.

The first thing to decide is the skip bin size that your need and the type of waste you have to dispose of.


Things to Consider:

What Materials are allowed in the skip bin.

When you think of skip bins, most would think rubbish is rubbish.  For example toys , green waste, old furniture are some common forms of waste.

But some things are not common waste items , for example chemicals and asbestos are not allowed to be thrown in with general waste. Check with your skip bin company before hand  as they may supply skip bins specifically for asbestos removal.

For chemical removal it is best to check with your local council for chemical clean up days for drop off points and dates.

If you hire a bin for single waste type only , please note the waste types cannot be mixed with other wastes

  • Brick and Concrete – any combination of concrete, bricks or pavers
  • Green Waste – Tree branches, shrubs, palm fronds, ( No large trunks, stumps, turf or grass with dirt)
  • Metal 


General Waste

  • is mostly househould waste:- Toys, clothing, cardboard, furniture, paper and more


Construction – Renovation Waste 

  • Timbers, gyprock, and more..



Sometimes its more economical to go one size larger if your unsure as underestimating may require to you order in anther bin. Keep in mind also the the skip bin provider has to transport your waste to the tip. To keep our roads safe all bins should be filled to the rim only, there are strict guidelines on how high skip bins can be filled, it is illegal to transport overfilled bins.

Because of regulations,if you over fill the skip bin your  bin may not be able to be removed if it exceeds the height of the rim. Some companies may even charge additional fees to call back and collect the bin if it is over full, the waste will need to be downloaded to the rim,It should be noted that additional charges may apply for waste over and above them rim even if it can be transported safely.

If  may also mean you may need to hire in another bin,going one size larger is worth the piece of mind knowing you disposed of your waste safely and in one go

How long Can you Hire the bin for?

Most skip bin hire companies generally hire their bins out on a 7 day period. Because some projects will take longer than the hire period, it is always best to see if you can have the bin for an extended time. That way if your clean up is delayed, you may have additional time to get the bin full and get the full benefit of your hire.

Don’t plan your bin hire when you have a busy schedule

When hiring in your bin always check that your schedule is clear from other commitments. It may be worth considering getting your bin in on the weekend when you know your off work or on the day your trades people are to start work, enabling you to complete your clean up or renovations during your skip bin hire period.

When your ready to hire your skip bin contact Central Coast Skips our 7 day hire will ensure you have plenty of time to fill the bin. Call us to discuss sizing and delivery days



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