Tips to Declutter Before and After Xmas

tips to declutter before xmas

Tips to Declutter Before and After Xmas

It’s Christmas time again! It’s a good idea to prepare for Christmas by cleaning up around your your home.

Christmas carols are playing in the stores, and everyone is filling their shopping baskets with stuff. Now let’s stop and think about all the stuff that is about to invade your home.

Don’t put off decluttering

Do you have a floor robe instead of a wardrobe, clothes strewn everywhere, a mountain of toys from the front door to the back door, cupboards groaning under the weight of the overload?

START A TRADITION – decide on a couple things that you will do every single year to keep your house clean and organised around the Christmas period

Many hands make light work

It’s time to bring out Santa’s little helpers such as the kids, (If you’re a risk taker – haaha) whilst they are on holidays.

Rather than stepping over all the clutter allocate an area to each person in your home,someone looking after the bathroom, another the living room, the garage etc..

Gather your cleaning supplies

Use a basket or a bag to put items in that you can donate – once it’s filled up, take it to your favourite donation place. It’s also a great time to assess your kids’ rooms and toys to make room for the new gifts

To keep things on the organising path, always check what you have before going and buying more stuff.

Reward Yourself

The cleaning and reorganising is done! Time to reward yourself and it’s time for a break!

Remember reuse, reduce and recycle where possible.

The task of having your home ready for Christmas may be daunting, but by following some simple tips it will help you make the most of the festive period – by getting ready now, you’ll be able to put your feet up more often and enjoy a glass of wine.

Removing the waste

So the clean up is done, any goods worth reusing have been upcycled to charities and passed onto another family member or maybe put aside for your next garage sale. But what about the excess or no good items? Are your bins over flowing? This is where we can help. Call Central Coast Skips, we can supply a skip bin to help you finish the clean up and go into the new year without all the dilemma. Call us to today for an instant quote and book a timely skip bin hire delivery on 43424729. View our range of bins sizes available.

Wishing all out customers a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year !

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