Why Skip BIns Should Not Be Filled Above The Rim

Why skip bins Should Not be filled above the rim

Why Skip BIns Should Not Be Filled Above The Rim


Have you just filled the skip bin your hired? Are your wandering if you can go above the rim? The answer is no! Overloaded bins can be dangerous, so all bins should be filled to the rim only There are several reasons why you should fill your skip bin to the rim only.


Central Coast Skips believes in safety first. If a skip bin is filled above the rim it can pose a problem during  transport. Over filled bins may cause the rubbish to fall out of the bin posing a problem for other road users and pedestrians. It is also the responsibility of the the driver to make sure the load is secure. If your bin cannot be loaded and secured safely it will need to be downloaded to a safe level for transport. You may also ask if you can use ” hungry boards” ? The answer to this is also no!  This practice may effectively make the bin deeper , but is not an engineered wall so has no structural integrity. Remember bins are generally hired out at a cubic metre rate, in the case that you underestimated the bin size required it is better to organise another bin to remove the remaining waste.



It is illegal for our drivers to transport a bin that cannot be safely covered. If you have overfilled your skip bin and there is protruding waste, it may dislodge making transport unsafe. No-one wants to travel behind a vehicle with the fear of materials dislodging when in transport. Whilst tarpaulins are used they do not have the strength to prevent loose debris from dislodging when waste is loaded above the rim. We understand that you want to get as much into your bin as possible and your looking for value for money but we can only transport those bins that are safely loaded. It is always best from the outset if your unsure on size to go for the larger skip bin, as your rubbish is safely contained and you may not need to hire another bin. Its a win win for you and our driver transporting your waste.


How to Avoid Overfilling Your Skip Bin Above The Rim

As noted above overfilling your skip bin is often preventable. The first step to avoid overfilling is by hiring in the right size bin, by evaluating the amount of waste you have and viewing our bin size guide, or by measuring your waste beforehand, measuring will help you to determine the bin size you need.  If your still unsure give us a Call at Central Coast Skips to discuss your needs so we  help you choose the right size bin for your project. At times it may be unavoidable, that your project has generated more waste than thought, in this case call us to organise a changeover.

Conclusion: So now we know that bins cannot be filled above the rim, it is always best to make sure you hire in the right size bin, it may seem more expensive to rent the larger one, but is more cost effective than having to hire in a another bin.


How To Book Your Skip Bin

If your unsure what size skip bin you require, don’t forget to check our skip bin size guide. Otherwise please call our friendly team on 43424729 or get a no obligation free quote today.

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